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Social Security Agreement Between UK and EU: What You Need to Know

The United Kingdom`s exit from the European Union has brought a lot of changes, particularly on how the two entities will relate on social security matters. A social security agreement has been put in place to ensure that individuals who move between the UK and EU will continue to receive their benefits and social protection.

Firstly, it`s important to understand that the agreement between the UK and the EU only covers social security contributions and benefits. It does not include healthcare or pension rights. Such rights will depend on individual member states` national laws.

The agreement essentially ensures that individuals who work or reside in one country will not be taxed twice on the same income. It also allows for the exportation of benefits, meaning workers who have paid into social security schemes in one country can continue to receive benefits in another country.

The agreement applies to individuals who are:

– UK nationals who have worked in an EU country or vice versa

– Family members of UK or EU nationals who have worked in another country

– Survivors of individuals who have worked in both countries

It`s important to note that the agreement only covers the UK and EU member states. Other countries that may be part of the European Economic Area or have bilateral agreements with the EU are not covered.

The social security agreement has brought some relief to workers who may have been worried about the impact of Brexit on their social protection. It ensures that cross-border workers and their families can continue to access social security rights, without fear of double contributions or loss of benefits.

Overall, the social security agreement between the UK and EU is a positive step towards ensuring that individuals who move between these two entities are adequately covered. However, it`s important to keep track of any changes that may arise, especially as the relationship between the UK and EU continues to evolve.